Licensing Your Music

Licensing is a great way to generate income by placing your tracks in film, TELEVISION, commercials and video games. This write-up describes what licensing is and exactly how it functions to ensure that you can join the myriads of music artists that are taking pleasure in additional revenue from having their music certified.

What is licensing?

Licensing implies granting permission for using one’s music to which you own the copyright.

Certainly the goal of a musician that writes their very own music (a la the copyright owner) is to make best use of the incomes created by the musical composition.

When you accredit using your song, say in a TELEVISION program, you not only obtain a charge for using the license, however it provides the tune and the artist greater exposure to the paying attention public, which can increase one’s popularity as well as fortune.

Prior to we dive into just how to obtain your songs licensed, we need to go over some terms that are commonly used with licensing.


Make certain to submit a finished copyright type along with a duplicate of the songs with the US Copyright workplace prior to trying to accredit your tunes.

You can find the forms as well as directions at There are 2 copyrights for a song; a copyright for the audio recording (Type SR) as well as a copyright for the underlying song (Type PA). For our functions right here, let’s clear up that we are discussing licensing initial songs of an Independent Artist that is not signed to a label or a posting company as well as that owns both these copyrights.


Publishing is just one of the most intricate parts of the music service as well as yet it can be one of the most financially rewarding location of income for artists. Songs publishing is the owning and manipulating of musical copyrights. A tune is composed of two equal shares: the writer’s share as well as the author’s share. Songwriters affiliate with Publishers since their main task is to commercially make use of (increase usage and value of) tracks. Most independent artists/musicians are their very own publisher, and for that reason very own 100% share of the track. If that is you, then this is why you wish to get educated on just how to seek licensing for your songs.


The certificate for use the audio recording is called the Master Usage Permit. The license for the underlying track is called the Synchronization Certificate (also known as synch permit), used when a musical job is synchronized in time with visual images, either background, motif or function use in TELEVISION programs as well as Film.

Currently we know the fundamental terms … time to discover what to do next.

Do your study by watching existing TELEVISION programs and also jot down every show you assume your tunes would fit into. From TV programs consisting of truth TV, sorts of scenes in movies, video games, and also commercials. Learn to assume and also listen visually; every little thing visual has a prospective sound enhancement.

Music & Discussion

What you will send will certainly be a CD of your music with the track listing and call information on both the CD situation and also the CD tag, as well as a wonderful cover letter suggesting the style, possibly that you sound comparable to as well as which manufacturing would certainly fit the songs. Do not send a biography, testimonials, image or any kind of peripheral paper due to the fact that the music is what is being considered, so the remainder will just be discarded and also not reinforce your instance.

Research & Relationships (Do It Yourself licensing)

This side of business is like all the others, driven by connections. Start networking and also reaching out with deliberate letters, calls or emails to those in the film and TV industry.

An actually excellent beginning for the Independent Artist is to collaborate with university student who are working on independent films. Although there will certainly more than likely be too reduced of a spending plan to pay you, you can begin constructing your resume/reel of having your music positioned.

Next, start investigating that the songs managers get on the programs you look for. Inspect debts in TV shows and flicks. Go to film festivals and conventions such as The Film & TV Songs Meeting that songs managers attend and fulfill them. Various other sources to situate them are “The Film & Tv Music Guide” ( where you can discover call info for Songs Supervisors as well as Music Publishers focusing on film as well as TELEVISION positioning. You can likewise obtain leads by checking out profession publications like “Hollywood Press reporter” and “Selection.”.

The Music Supervisor

Music Supervisors are frequently looking for music of independent musicians that launch their very own CDs. Independent artists are willing to negotiate for a lesser quantity (with the danger that a TELEVISION show may not also endure the season, songs supervisors try to maintain prices down) and also can produce brand-new music without having to get permission from a tag or have a tag delay the moment delicate procedure.

If you are a fan of a certain program and also your music appears to you that it would certainly be ideal, send out a letter to the music manager as well as let them know you are a follower as well as you have a track that you believe will certainly benefit the program & tell them which scenario/ mood it would certainly be best for.

The far better you recognize the business of licensing and the terms utilized, the more likelihood for establishing a connection with a music manager who finds you simple to work with which, together with your evident talent, can develop a long lasting partnership. An expert tip from a songs manager informed me if you.

create “all sync & master managed” or “pre-cleared” on the CD label as well as CD instance, that they will certainly recognize instantly your songs is ready for use which is indispensable to them when time is a problem and that alone can aid your song defeated an additional’s. Go to for more tips on how to make music.