Marketing with TikTok

TikTok has the wind in its sails in today’s market of social networking platforms and not without reason. This TikTok application has seduced Internet users from all over the world with its short videos, community and challenges. It is also on the basis of these factors that companies should build their marketing strategy with Tik Tok avis.

Tik Tok opinion: Understanding the key statistics of the application

TikTok is an entertainment-oriented video platform where you can create, share or view 15-second videos. Many of these videos look like lip-synch or small amateur clips. The themes of the videos are very varied and include humor, dance, challenges, etc.

The companies that advertise on Tik tok are first and foremost those that target the Z generation. Statistics on Tik Tok avis have indeed established that the average age of TikTok application users is 16 to 24 years old.

The website revealed in September 2018 that Tik Tok avis had 500 million active users worldwide. Most of them usually spend about 52 minutes of their day on the application. The bulk of Tik Tok avis’s most active users are located in the United States, India, China and Europe.

Tik Tok avis has been downloaded up to 104 million times on the Apple App Store during the first half of 2018. As such, he outperformed other social network marketing giants such as Facebook and Instagram in terms of download volume.

Working with Tik Tok’s online influencers to achieve effective marketing

A social network influencer is a person who benefits from a certain notoriety on this kind of platform. It can be followed by many people or be recognized for its expertise. Collaborating with this type of person for promotional purposes is a very strategic move for companies.

This is all the more true if they choose to do marketing with Tik Tok avis. For some regions, Tik Tok avis can connect companies to the most popular influencers. However there are also many marketing platforms where you can search for influencers for Tik Tok avis.

The best known are Upfluence, Aspire IQ and Neoreach. The search for influencers to earn more money on these platforms can be done according to different criteria. These include the company’s interests, location, relevant keywords and target demographics.

The search for the most representative influencer for your brand or product can take time. Negotiations are not just about money. You also need to convince the influencer to actually use the product you want to promote.

Maintaining a good working relationship is essential when working with an influencer on Tik Tok avis. You have to be clear in defining your Buzz web marketing objectives. Your approach must not affect the authenticity of the influencer in the eyes of its subscribers.

Tik Tok avis : Create a separate channel for the brand

Users of Tik Tok avis do not generally visit the application to purchase goods or products. Rather, they go there to search for educational or entertaining videos. Let’s now imagine that your company already has its own account on Tik Tok avis.

One of the first ways to boost your account is to get more involved with the platform’s user community (See: Guide 1000 views on YouTube). Avoid discussions about selling products for your corporate account.

Otherwise, users will end up seeing you as a form of spam on the platform. Instead, consider sharing videos that are relevant to your brand. These can be entertainment or educational, depending on your preferences.

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